❝ The prow cleaves the s e a
as the { s w o r d } cleaves the sea-fog,
The western w i n d fills the -- s a i l ;
We will carry you to W A R !

I am Asha Greyjoy, the Kraken's Daughter, Captain of the Black Wind. Hail the rightful Queen of the Iron Islands.
{RP blog for Asha Greyjoy. Semi-selective. Read the rules before interaction. | }
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Ramsay hoisted the bulk of his mass up onto his feet, his hands settled on the chests of his hip bones. "Then let it be so." His mouth was pulled into a tight lipped smirk, his dimples vaguely evident chips on his porcelain facade. "What would you have me do to convince you fully?" The sentence squirmed from his lips as Ramsay tried to mask his evident apprehension, the prospect was thrilling.

Asha felt a shiver of revulsion creep up her spine at his words. She could have been wearing layers and layers of leather and fur, but his pale eyes alone could have stripped them all away. Asha stepped forward, a mere footspace from his form. Her eyes burned as she gazed upon his brutish features. She licked her lips, the corners twisting up into a wanton smile. “It might be that I would require a slight… convincing, my Lord. A woman such as me does not simply lie with any man that wishes her.” She cooed, her look presenting a challenge. Others bugger you with a hot poker, Bolton, and the Greyface that put me in this mess.