❝ The prow cleaves the s e a
as the { s w o r d } cleaves the sea-fog,
The western w i n d fills the -- s a i l ;
We will carry you to W A R !

I am Asha Greyjoy, the Kraken's Daughter, Captain of the Black Wind. Hail the rightful Queen of the Iron Islands.
{RP blog for Asha Greyjoy. Semi-selective. Read the rules before interaction. | }
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He smirks and eases back into his chair. "You look lovely this evening, Asha. Perhaps you'd finally let me bed you."

Asha’s jaw tensed at those words, trying not to scowl and toss an axe right between his ghost grey eyes. “Thank you, my Lord…” She dipped her head. Asha ran her hand along her side, until it came to rest on her hip. “My Lord wishes me? Hm. Who am I to do him disservice, when he is so very tempting…” Drowned God, kill me now, if you are merciful. Or better yet, kill him.